A Sleepless Night Paragraph

A Sleepless Night

If you’re searching for a sleepless night paragraph, then you’ve come to the right place. Here we’ve shared 2 paragraphs about a sleepless night that are perfect for classes 8 to 12.

A Sleepless Night Paragraph 200 Words

Sleep is the soothing balm of life. It keeps man fresh and active. It removes tiredness and monotony. During sleep, a man gets to rest, and afterward, he can resume his work. But the sleepless night is unwanted. It is horrible for everyone. It keeps man in tension. It decays man’s stamina.

To pass a sleepless night is really unbearable. A sleepless man becomes restless and cranky. He does not get peace of mind. Everywhere he is in frustration. Evil thoughts engulf his total sense. He does not get attention to work.

A sleepless man has to rise up from bed again and again. He tries to sleep but fails. He stays up late into the night even when everyone else is asleep. It seems some forces keep away sleepiness from his eyes. His eyes blink. As the night passes he grows pathetic.

Life becomes a burden to him. He becomes haunted. The bedroom seems like a cell to him. It seems that the pillow, bed, and other things mock him. At a stage, he is forced to think of suicide. Thus a sleepless night is really dreadful and horrific.

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