A Pick Pocket Paragraph for Class 8 to 12

A Pick Pocket Paragraph

Here is a pick pocket paragraph for classes 8 to 12. Students can achieve a good mark by writing this paragraph on their exam papers.

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A Pick Pocket Paragraph 220 Words

A pick-pocket is a person who steals money from passengers or other persons. Generally, they are seen in crowded places such as bus stands, railway stations, and shopping malls. They blend into the crowd of people and wait for prey.

If he assumes any person has money he chases him stealthily and completes his mission without the slightest awareness of the victims. Sometimes a pickpocket uses a knife or other sharpened thing to cut the pockets of the victims.

A pick-pocket is sometimes well-dressed and well-behaving. He has a fantastic way to coax people. He silently enters his fingers into people’s pockets. After fulfilling his mission, a pickpocket instantly leaves the place.

Usually, he is not caught red-handed. But if he is caught, he is beaten black and blue. Sometimes a pick-pocket works in a gang. It is certain that a pickpocket makes a passer-by or a passenger pauper, but he does not physically hurt anyone.

A pickpocket chooses this profession for various reasons. Two of the main reasons are unemployment and drug addiction. Many unemployed youths choose this profession due to a lack of employment. Similarly, many drug addicts pick pockets of others to collect money for drug consumption.

So, if the youth can be saved from the scourge of unemployment and drug addiction, the number of pickpockets will decrease a lot.

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