Drug Addiction Paragraph for HSC Students

Drug Addicted People

If you’re searching for a Drug addiction paragraph for HSC students, then you don’t have to look any further. Here we’ve shared paragraphs about drug addiction that is suitable for HSC exam candidates.

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Drug Addiction Paragraph for HSC

Addiction means a strong attraction to harmful things. Drug addiction means taking drugs. The substances that cause intoxication in humans are called drugs. These drugs include opium, morphine, heroin, cocaine, pethidine, etc.

Drug addiction is a very bad practice. It is a curse. Nowadays it has become a great headache for everyone. There are many causes behind this drug addiction. Frustration in life leads one to take drugs.

Unhappy relationships in families, failures in love, unemployment, poverty, political instability, unrest, etc. are the causes of this addiction. The frustrated man takes drugs to relieve himself from the turmoil of his mind.

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Drug addiction creates demoralization. It costs a lot of money. It damages a man’s brain and intestines. As a result, our society becomes chaotic and disorderly. The addicts are involved in anti-social activities to collect drugs. Occasionally, they use terrorism or hijack others to make money.

If his addiction is once formed, it is difficult to check this. The addicts become burdens to society. They are dejected. Everyone avoids them. Drug addiction leads a man to his doom. For a smooth generation, we must check drug addiction.

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Government should make strict laws to prevent drug addiction. And proper implementation of the law is also very important. Strict legal action should be taken especially against those involved in the drug trade.

It is very important to take measures to rehabilitate drug addicts. In this case, everyone including society, family, and the country’s government should come forward.

Parents should be more careful towards their children. Drug addicts should be viewed with compassion, not hatred. Only then will it be possible to build a drug addiction-free society.

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Drug Addiction Paragraph 100 Words

Addiction to drugs is a curse, particularly for youngsters. It destroys a normal brain and damages the vital organs of the body.

A large number of young boys and girls, mostly from well-to-do families are becoming slaves to cocaine, heroin, marijuana, and other such nerve-stimulating drugs apparently to overcome frustrations.

It is shocking that some mafia groups, along with some rich and powerful persons are engaged in trading in such harmful drugs.

Government and social welfare organizations, together with the World Health Organization are doing their best to create awareness among the people about the dangers of drug addiction.

Drug Addiction Paragraph 150 Words

Drug addiction means uncontrolled attraction or addiction to illegal drugs such as heroin, cocaine, morphine, pethidine, phensedyl, opium, marijuana, alcohol, etc.

There are many reasons for drug addiction such as frustration, bad association, unemployment problem, availability of intoxicants, political cataclysm, failure in love, lack of family ties, etc.

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Drug addiction destroys the addict’s life completely. Because of being expensive, the addicts can’t afford to buy drugs. So, they commit various kinds of social crimes like stealing, hijacking, killing, plundering, robbery, and all sorts of misdeeds.

The drug has a horrible effect on the human body. It damages the brain, and weakens the internal organs. Drug addiction is causing a lot of harm not only to the addict’s family but also the whole society and the nation.

The government should take immediate steps to protect our youth from the clutch of drug addiction. Besides, non-government organizations and others must create public awareness to remove this curse from society.

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