A House on Fire Paragraph 150 Words

A House on fire

Here is “A House on Fire Paragraph 150 Words” for middle school students. You can achieve a mark by writing this on your exam paper.

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A House on Fire Paragraph – 01

It is horrifying to look a house on fire. Flames of fire and wreaths of smoke are seen. It is very dreadful. As a result, the housemates are in a state of panic. When the house catches on fire, they scream. They shout for help.

Everyone nearby rushes to extinguish the fire as quickly as possible. Water barrels, gunny bags, and sacks are used to put out fires. The total atmosphere is filled with havoc. The air is burnt and goes up. A fire brigade is called, and they extinguish the fire as best as possible.

The owner of a burning house suffers great damage. It demolishes everything in the house. Burning the house to the ground could turn the owner into a pauper.

As their house burns, the residents may swoon in a state of shock. The other inhabitants are alarmed. Everybody works together to get rid of it. Consequently, a burning house is truly horrifying and terrifying.

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A House on Fire Paragraph – 02

Last night, I was lying fast asleep. A noise suddenly woke me up. I opened the window of my room. I looked into the street. I saw many people running in one direction. They were carrying buckets full of water. I opened the door of the house and came out.

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I found that the house of one of our neighbors had caught fire. The owner of the house and all the members of his family were standing in street. They were standing as a helpless lot. A number of people were attempting to retrieve household items.

In order to extinguish the fire, they threw sand and water on it. They were trying to control the fire in every possible way. The flames were rising high. In the meanwhile, the fire brigade reached there.

The firemen fought bravely and brought the fire under control in half an hour. Fortunately, there was no loss of life. But there was a big loss of property. All the furniture was reduced to ashes, no clothes could be saved.

All the neighbors came forward to help the family. They contributed substantially to the relief of the family. Later on, it was found that the cause of the fire was a short circuit.

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