A Bus Stand Paragraph for Class 6 to 12

Bus Stand Paragraph

If you’re searching for A Bust Stand Paragraph, then you don’t need to look any further. Here we’ve shared 2 paragraphs about bus stand that will help you to bring good marks on your exam.

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  1. Write a paragraph about a bus stand in 150 words.
  2. How would you describe a bus stand?
  3. What is the purpose of a bus stand?

A Bus Stand Paragraph for Class 6 to 8

A bus stand is a place where service buses stop and start again. It is a busy place. When a bus comes, everybody is busy either to get on or get down from the bus. Passengers are seen interacting with the porters to get their luggage.

There is a building in the bus stand where the Bus Owners’ Associations have their office rooms. There is a waiting room for the passengers. They wait here for their next buses. They collect tickets from different paribahan counters.

It is common to see a lot of buses at a bus stand. If any passenger fails to get on the bus or to get tickets, he becomes disappointed. A bus stand has great importance.

There are lots of shops here. It becomes a business place. Sometimes the presence of knaves is seen here. Anti-social activities are also done here. Sometimes it becomes dirty. A bus stand should be clean and pollution-free. The association and the government should take proper steps to keep it fresh.

A Bus Stand Paragraph for Class 10 to 12

A bus stand is where buses stop and begin their journey. With the improvement of the roads and highways, the number of buses is increasing day by day. Bus stands have become increasingly important. These stands can be seen by the roadside.

Many big bus terminals can be found at the district headquarters or in the major cities, including the capital. Numerous bus stands are also scattered around the country in addition to these big bus terminals. Many bus stops have sheds where passengers can wait. Most famous bus stops have ticket counters where passengers can purchase tickets in advance.

It is common for these places to be noisy and crowded. If there is no shed for waiting, passengers sometimes wait under the open sky. There are usually tea stalls near bus stops. While waiting for buses, many passengers go there and drink tea or coffee to refresh themselves.

It is a busy time for street hawkers to grab passengers’ attention. They sell bread, biscuits, cigarettes, betel leaves, magazines, pamphlets, etc. In order to attract the attention of passengers, some street beggars cry loudly.

There is a rush and bustle among the passengers whenever a bus approaches. Most of the buses are found jam-packed. Yet, people push one another to get on them.

Some bus stands are filthy and noisy. It is also the home of thieves, swindlers, and pickpockets in disguise. They sometimes try to misguide innocent passengers to fulfill their evil desires.

All these pictures were taken together to remind us of the famous line of the poet, – “Many may come and many may go, but I go on forever!” The flow of life depends on this coming and going.

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