Eve Teasing Paragraph for Class 10 and 12

Eve Teasing

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Eve Teasing Paragraph 170 Words

Eve teasing means publicly sexual harassment or molestation of women by men. It is a notoriously heinous crime. In order to attack women, the culprits often devise different methods.

It usually occurs in public places, public transport, park, and street. Some younger men insult our girls or make offensive comments about them when they come out of the street. Sometimes they physically insult or take pictures of the girls with their smartphones.

This eve teasing has a bad effect on our society. As a result, some girls have committed suicide. The worst sufferers are university and college girls, and middle-class young women.

It is a great shame. If it continues, our social value will be damaged. Every conscious citizen should come forward to stop this social problem. To stop this eve teasing, our government has already adopted strong laws.

Along with the law, we should all follow our religious precepts. Girls must go out in modest clothes. Along with that, obscene movies and pornography should be banned from our country.

Eve Teasing Paragraph 250 Words

Nowadays, eve teasing has become a very common phenomenon. The word ‘Eve’ refers to women. So, eve-teasing means teasing or disturbing women. Intimidating girls and women is a heinous act. It is a kind of sexual harassment.

There are many ways of eve teasing such as, making bad or insulting comments, throwing pebbles at girls while they are on their way, making love proposals, gesturing in a bad way, etc. Eve teasers are mainly punk teen boys. There are also some young and aged eve-teasers. They bear a type of mental illness for which they enjoy teasing females.

Generally, school and college-going girls fall a victim to eve teasing committed by bad or characterless young men. It is a social curse. Women cannot move freely because of it. They feel insecure to go to schools and colleges.

For this, many girls are compelled to stop their studies. They have to stay at home and are married off at an early age. They suffer psychologically. Sometimes, they become victims of acid throwing. Even many young girls commit suicide for this curse.

Eve-teasing must be stopped. Even conscious guardian has to play a role from their respective position. Social awareness is also necessary in this regard. The government has already taken effective steps to stop eve-teasing. Mobile courts have been empowered to punish eve-teasers immediately. If eve teasing cannot be stopped, we will not be able to live a comfortable life in society.

Eve Teasing Paragraph 270 Words

Nowadays, Eve-teasing is the most arising subject everywhere in the world. It appears in the newspapers almost every day. It is a hateful matter where the girls are abused by boys.

Boys use vulgar language towards the girls. And girls silently hate them without taking any kind of revenge. Sometimes, these misdeeds make the girls commit suicide. She takes the decision to kill herself only for this insult. An offense like eve teasing is a hateful issue in society.

This is a very common but unkind incident in the lives of girls. It is an awful experience for a girl. It leaves psychological scars which are very hard to cure. The victims become frustrated for lack of capability of doing anything against the incident.

None can explain the brunt of eve teasing better than the victim. It occurs due to the wrong mindset of a male person who has no respect for women. At present, government and many organizations become conscious to prevent the bitter matter. But it is still in our society.

To stop it forever in society everybody should careful about it. Everyone should treat each other like brothers and sisters. Here rules of religion can contribute a lot. So, we should obey our religious rules.

Religious and moral education should be given to the boy students at schools. After all, we should take immediate action against them if anybody violates moral laws. Social awareness has to be raised and the government has to take a strict role to stop it. If we can go with this action, we will be able to remove this issue from our society forever.

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