Digital Bangladesh Paragraph for Class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, SSC and HSC

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Here is Digital Bangladesh paragraph for classes 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, SSC, and HSC. No matter whether you’re a junior high school student or an HSC candidate, these paragraphs will help you to achieve a good mark on your exam.

Digital Bangladesh Paragraph 150 Words

Bangladesh is a developing poor country, most of whose people live in villages. Most of them are uneducated and earn their livelihood by doing agricultural work. Many villages in this country still do not have electricity and internet.

All these village people are deprived of good education and proper health care. Moreover, this country is still plagued with problems such as unemployment, food shortage, overpopulation, corruption, natural disasters, etc.

To overcome all these problems, the honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has committed to building a digital Bangladesh, also known as ‘Vision 2021’. By implementing Digital Bangladesh, the country can reap numerous benefits. It will reduce corruption and increase accountability, save time and money, and lower unemployment levels.

Digitalization will also connect the people of Bangladesh to the rest of the world, fostering social, political, academic, economic, and cultural exchange. The goal of Digital Bangladesh is to create a better future for the people of the country and tackle the challenges head-on.

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Digital Bangladesh Paragraph 200 Words

Digital Bangladesh refers to the integration of technology into the various facets of life in Bangladesh. The concept of Digital Bangladesh was first envisioned by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina with the goal of making Bangladesh a technologically advanced nation by 2021. This vision has been dubbed as “Vision 2021”.

The advancement of technology has become an increasingly vital aspect of our world, and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina recognized the importance of keeping pace with these changes. Her son, Sajib Wajed Joy, played a crucial role in introducing Bangladesh to the realm of Information and Communications Technology (ICT).

As a result, the study of ICT is now a compulsory subject in schools throughout the country. The implementation of technology can be seen in various industries such as education, agriculture, and government offices where computerization has become standard practice.

However, it’s not just about integrating technology into the various facets of life. To ensure the success of Digital Bangladesh, there must also be a focus on improving efficiency and productivity in each sector. This includes increasing electricity production, applying more advanced technologies in agriculture, and promoting transparency and honesty in all sectors.

In conclusion, Digital Bangladesh is not just about technology but about creating a technologically advanced nation that benefits its people and helps the country move forward into a brighter future.

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