Traffic Jam Paragraph for Class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, SSC and HSC

Car has been stuck on the road due to traffic jam

If you’re searching for a traffic jam paragraph for classes 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, SSC, and HSC, then you don’t have to look any further. Here we’ve shared several paragraphs about traffic jams that are suitable for classes 6 to HSC.

Traffic Jam Paragraph 200 Words

Traffic jam means the blockade of roads by vehicles. It is created when numerous vehicles at a time cannot move smoothly and are bound to stay on the road. It is a common phenomenon in big cities and towns in our country.

Our roads are narrow whereas the number of vehicles is increasing day after day. Poor traffic systems and violations of rules create this jam. Our drivers are unwilling to follow the traffic rules. They want to overtake others. These tendencies create traffic jams on roads. Moreover, many times the traffic police are also seen neglecting their duties.

This jam creates a lot of problems. It snatches away valuable time. It wastes extra fuel. People who go to work cannot arrive on time at their offices. The sick and dying patients cannot be moved to hospitals. The passing of time becomes unbearable in jam. None can move forward or backward. He becomes impatient. He is bound to stay against his will.

Thus traffic jams must be removed for smooth communication. The roads should be spacious. Strict traffic rules should be imposed. Everyone should follow these rules. In fact, proper vigilance, consciousness, and concerted efforts can help to remove this traffic jam.

Traffic Jam Paragraph 400 Words

A traffic jam is a complete stoppage or extremely slow movement of vehicles due to the sticking of many vehicles in one place. Currently, this is one of the biggest problems in our country. People have to suffer every day due to traffic jams, especially in big cities and towns.

There are many reasons for traffic jams, one of the main reasons being the increase in the number of vehicles on the road. The population of our country has grown at a high rate and the number of vehicles has also increased to meet the needs of the increased population. But compared to that, the number of roads has not increased and the roads have not been widened. Besides, several parts of wide roads are getting occupied by street hawkers, rickshaw pullers, and taxi cab owners. As a result, traffic congestion is created due to many vehicles plying on the same road at the same time.

Most car drivers do not pay attention to traffic laws. Also, the traffic police do not perform their duties properly. The tendency of bus drivers and conductors to carry more passengers also creates congestion. Especially local buses stop here and there and transfer passengers. It disrupts the movement of other vehicles and creates traffic jams.

Another reason for traffic jams is a large number of rickshaws and autorickshaws plying on the roads. Most of the rickshaw pullers know nothing about traffic laws. They are standing everywhere with rickshaws and moving from right to left without giving any signal. As a result, traffic jams are created.

The common people have to suffer endlessly. It takes them longer than expected to arrive at their destination. Students, employees, businessmen, and laborers all have to suffer in this. Even patients are dying on the streets due to not being able to reach the hospital on time. Many pregnant women deliver babies in cars or ambulances. Candidates are failing to reach the examination center on time. Employees have to pay a penalty for reaching the office late. During traffic jams, we feel extremely annoyed as it is wasting our precious time.

The government should take some measures to relieve passengers from traffic congestion. Traffic rules should be enforced against drivers who do not follow them. Our roads need to be widened, and some new bypass roads need to be developed. Along with that illegal encroachment should be removed from the road. For this, the general public along with the country’s administration should be more aware.

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