A Summer Noon Paragraph for Class 6 to 10

A summer noon

If you’re searching for a summer noon paragraph, then you’ve come to the right place. Here is a paragraph about summer noon that is perfect for classes 6 to 10.

A Summer Noon Paragraph 170 Words

Summer noon is a time of scorching heat. The grows strong, In shines heavily. Man can not go out. He is bound to stay within the houses. The tremendous heat prevails everywhere. Wherever we see, we can perceive a hot atmosphere. It seems that everything is burnt by the sun.

People become tired. They feel thirsty. Perspiration emits from our body. The birds and beasts try to go under the trees. They become bleak and pale. There creates a shortage of water. The scorching heat dries water from watery places. The fields become dry and scattered. Dazzles of light appear everywhere.

On summer noon, everybody wishes for rain. Life becomes difficult. Children and older people suffer much at this noon. Normal life seems to be paralyzed. Work in offices is almost suspended.

The passer-by is seen sitting under the shadows of trees. At summer noon, it is really enjoyable to stay under the trees. One is lulled to sleep. However, summer noon becomes unbearable to people because of its tremendous heat.

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