50 Sentences of Present Continuous Tense

50 Sentences of Present Continuous Tense

The present continuous tense is an important aspect of the English language that is used to describe actions that are currently taking place.

This tense is formed by using the auxiliary verb “to be” in the present tense, followed by the present participle form of the main verb.

Here we’ve collected 50 sentences of present continuous tense which are divided into positive, negative, and interrogative forms.

This collection of sentences will help you to understand the usage of the present continuous tense better and improve your skills in using it in your everyday conversations or written communications.

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Present Continuous Tense Examples – Positive

1. She is playing the guitar.

2. They are watching a movie together.

3. I am studying for my exam.

4. He is cooking dinner tonight.

5. We are planning a surprise party for our friend.

6. The children are playing in the garden.

7. My sister is reading a book in her room.

8. He is walking his dog in the park.

9. They are talking on the phone right now.

10. She is dancing in the living room.

11. We are packing our bags for the trip.

12. The construction workers are building a new bridge.

13. I am learning to speak French.

14. She is practicing her piano skills.

15. They are running a marathon this weekend.

16. He is writing a novel in his spare time.

17. We are enjoying our vacation in Hawaii.

18. The students are taking their final exams.

19. My parents are visiting us next month.

20. She is painting a beautiful landscape.

Present Continuous Tense Examples – Negative

21. I am not working on this project anymore.

22. He is not wearing his glasses today.

23. They are not attending the conference next week.

24. We are not buying a new car this year.

25. She is not feeling well today.

26. The kids are not playing video games this afternoon.

27. He is not eating meat anymore.

28. They are not going to the party tonight.

29. I am not watching TV at the moment.

30. She is not listening to music right now.

31. We are not seeing a movie tonight.

32. The dog is not barking at strangers anymore.

33. He is not using his laptop today.

34. They are not taking a vacation this summer.

35. I am not wearing my favorite dress today.

Present Continuous Tense Examples – Interrogative

36. Are you listening to me right now?

37. Is she working on her project at the moment?

38. Are they watching the football game on TV?

39. Is he playing basketball with his friends?

40. Are we going to the mall this weekend?

41. Is she cooking dinner for us tonight?

42. Are the children playing in the park right now?

43. Is he walking to work today?

44. Are they meeting us at the restaurant later?

45. Am I bothering you with my questions?

46. Is she taking a break from her job today?

47. Are we going to the beach for a swim?

48. Is he listening to music while he works?

49. Are they studying for their exams this week?

50. Is she going to the gym after work today?

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