A Rickshaw Puller Paragraph for Class 10 and 12

A Rickshaw Puller

Here is a rickshaw puller paragraph for classes 10 and 12. If you’re a candidate for the SSC or HSC exam, then this paragraph is suitable for you.

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A Rickshaw Puller Paragraph for Class 10 (200 words)

A rickshaw puller is a poor day laborer who earns his livelihood by pulling a rickshaw. He is a familiar figure in our country. Generally, he lives in a slum area. As a rickshaw driver, he transports passengers and goods on a payment basis.

Very few rickshaw pullers have their own rickshaws. In most cases, a rickshaw puller hires a rickshaw on a daily basis from the owner. He comes out of there the roads early in the morning and works with his rickshaw till the late hours of the night. He has to work in all good and bad weather. Sometimes he feels tired but cannot take a rest.

A rickshaw puller earns only Tk. 300 – 400 a day. Sometimes, he decreases to less than Tk. 200. Then he faces more difficulties in maintaining his family. He has to live from hand to mouth. He cannot provide food, education, and medicine to his family properly. Even they have to starve sometimes.

In spite of all these odd conditions, he feels proud to live on his fair earnings from his sweat. He finds great pleasure to serve human beings at a minimum cost. His services are really very great. He is a friend of all. So we should help him to lead a better life.

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A Rickshaw Puller Paragraph for Class 12 (250 words)

A rickshaw puller transports passengers from one place to another by pulling a rickshaw. This provides him with the income he needs to support his family. He is a very hard-working man. He has not rested since he began walking. If he rests, he cannot make money.

Rickshaw pullers have to be very careful because they use busy roads to ply their rickshaws. Accidents can happen anytime if he is not careful. The more he earns, the happiest he becomes. Rickshaw pullers are sometimes cheated by passengers. It has been seen that he sometimes bargains with passengers. A rickshaw driver is also seen overcharging unknown passengers.

Despite the early morning and late night hours, he works hard. In spite of inclement weather, he still has to go to work. Otherwise, he and his family would have to starve. Most of the time the rickshaw pullers do not have their own rickshaws. He drives rickshaws on hire from rickshaw owners.

The economic condition of a rickshaw puller is not good at all. Especially those who drive rickshaws in urban areas, have to somehow make ends meet by renting houses in slums. If he cannot go to work due to illness, his family members have to starve that day. He and his family members spend their lives in slums.

His children are deprived of good education and a proper environment. As a result, most of the children of rickshaw pullers grow up to become rickshaw pullers or day laborers. There is no permanent happiness for rickshaw pullers, despite their hard work.

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