Traffic Police Paragraph for HSC and SSC Students

A Traffic Police is doing his duty

If you’re searching for a traffic police paragraph for HSC, then you’ve come to the right place. Here we’ve shared 2 paragraphs that are suitable for SSC and HSC students.

Traffic Police Paragraph 180 Words

Traffic police refer to a special class of police who control traffic on roads. He stands generally on an island at the crossing of roads. His duty is to control the traffic on the busy and crowded roads of towns. He wore a special uniform. To keep himself protected from the sun and rain, he carried a white umbrella.

To attract the attention of drivers and passersby, he blows a whistle. Once he raises his hand across a road, all the vehicles on that road stop instantly, allowing the passer-by to safely cross. By extending his hand in another direction, the traffic on another road comes to a standstill and the traffic on the previous road begins moving again. This goes on for the whole day.

Traffic police maintain discipline on roads and highways. He plays a very important role in solving traffic jams. The traffic police is a hard workers. He gets up early in the morning and returns home at night. He plays an important role in our towns and cities’ life. So, we should respect him.

Traffic Police Paragraph 250 Words

A traffic police is a police constable who maintains the movement of vehicles on busy roads. He works very hard. He keeps strict vigilance on the vehicles. His job is very risky and adventurous.

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He works on a bend. Sometimes he stands under a shed. In most cases, traffic police stand under the open sky. He often wears an umbrella over his head during the summer or on rainy days. He plays a great role to stop road accidents or to remove traffic jams.

At pick hours, traffic police are seen stopping vehicles going on one side. He raises his hands to give signals. He also uses flutes to give signals. Sometimes he examines the licenses of the drivers.

Traffic police have no rest from their work. Sometimes his higher officials keep a watch on him. Whenever he encounters his higher authority, he salutes them along with discharging his own duties.

Sometimes there are some dishonest traffic police who accept bribes from drivers. Moreover, many traffic policemen, due to a lack of proper training, increase traffic jams instead of reducing them. We need to provide proper training for the traffic police of our country. Along with that, legal action should be taken against dishonest police.

Sometimes, he fines any lawbreakers and files cases against them. In fact, traffic police work a lot for the interest of the public. He should be given his due honor and salary.

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