A Fish Market Paragraph for Classes 8 to 12

A Fish Market

Here is a fish market paragraph for classes 8 to 12. Students can achieve a good mark by writing this paragraph on their exam papers.

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A Fish Market Paragraph 120 Words

The fish market is one of the most significant parts of the market. Thousands of customers visit it every day. Fish markets are jam-packed with people. It is the clumsiest and noisiest part of the market.

A higher price is demanded for fish by the fishmongers. There is no way for customers to start haggling. A fishmonger is a very clever person. The price they demand for their fish is usually more than twice the price they will eventually accept. Fishmongers and customers continue to haggle.

Because of this, the fish market has the most noise. But still, people cannot avoid the fish market. Because fish is the only protein food, which all Bengalis like to eat with rice.

A Fish Market Paragraph 200 Words

A fish market is the center of a market. It is a busy area. Different types of fish are found here. It is generally a tin-shed market. The sellers sit in rows. In front of them, a place is fixed for keeping the fish baskets for show. In Tokyo, Japan, there is the biggest fish market in the world, known as the Tsukiji Market.

Customers stand in front of the fish basket and observe the fish. There is a well-joined lawn for coming and going out of the customers. Along with fish shops, fish-cutting shops can also be seen, where fish is harvested with money.

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In a fish market, the shopkeepers and customers bargain with each other. Everybody wishes to win. The fish are sold after a bargain. Time from 8 AM to 11 AM is the busiest time in a fish market.

A fish market is always drenched with water. The shopkeepers sprinkle water on their baskets to keep the fish fresh and animated. Customers’ dresses sometimes get wet when the living fishes flap their tails. It creates humorous situations. However, a fish market plays an important role. It supplies our necessary fish. So it must be neat and clean.

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