A Tea Stall Paragraph for Class 6 to 10

Paragraph on A Tea Stall

Here is ‘A Tea Stall Paragraph for Class 6 to 10’. If you’re a high school student, then this paragraph is perfect for you. You can achieve good mark by writing this paragraph in your exam.

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A Tea Stall Paragraph

A tea stall is a common sight in cities and towns. It is also seen in a village. A tea stall remains open from morning till night. There are a few chairs and tables. The manager or shopkeeper controls everything here. There is a boy to help him in serving tea to the customers.

All classes of people come here to sip on tea and refresh themselves. After saying in a tea stall for sometimes, the customers get refreshed and animated. The shopkeepers keep newspapers or TV sets for the amusement of the customers.

A tea stall always remains busy. The customers read papers along with taking tea. A teas tall is a hot bed of politics. Sometimes the discussions become so deep that the tea stall becomes a mini-parliament. A tea stall is also a meeting place for the customers.

There are also biscuits, cakes, betel-nuts and cigarettes. Sometimes people come here also to take rest. It is a good place for the idle. There is a cash box on the tea stall where the owner of the shop keeps money.

Thus tea stall plays a nice role for the people living in a locality. It must be neat and clean.

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