A Book Fair Paragraph for Class 8 to 12

A Book Fair

Here is A book fair paragraph for classes 8 to 12. Students can achieve a good marks by writing this on their exam papers.

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A Book Fair Paragraph 160 Words

A book fair is an exhibition of books. Different types of books are shown here for sale. Books of poems, plays, novels, short stories, etc. are placed here. Readers of all ages and tastes gather here. They buy books according to their choice. Books are sold in commission here.

All the stalls of the fair are filled with books. Children gather the stalls containing children’s books. Generally, a book fair is held in an open place. The total place is beautifully decorated.

A book fair becomes a meeting place for the general public. Sometimes the writers visit the book fair to encourage everyone. They talk with the readers and exchange views. In a book fair, pick-pockets are found. Sometimes the smooth environment of the fair is marred by the outlaws.

Every year book fair is held in our country. Ekushey Boi Mela, Dhaka Book Fair, etc. are the prominent fairs in our country. Everyone including the government should come forward to create a suitable atmosphere for the book fair.

A Book Fair Paragraph 150 Words

A book fair is an exhibition to sell and buy books. There are many stalls at a book fair. There are many types of books in a book fair like story books, novels, fiction, non-fiction, kid’s books, religion books, etc.

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People from different backgrounds come to visit the book fair. Mostly educated and people who are thirsty for knowledge come to visit the book fair. They find the books of their interest.

Some writers and poets also visit the book fair. People meet them and take autographs. A book fair is a place of knowledge for all types of men and women.

It is highly beneficial for students. Some educational institutes organize book fairs on special days. There are also many cultural shows held in a book fair.

A book fair reminds us that books are a store of wisdom. Books are our best friends. We should also develop a habit of reading books.

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