A Village Market Paragraph for Class 6 to 10

A Village Market

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A Village Market Paragraph – 01

Village markets are places where daily necessities are bought and sold. It generally sits in the open space of a village near a river or a canal or a big road. It is a busy place. There are two types of village markets. One is called Hut and another one is Bazar.

The hut sits twice or thrice a week in the afternoon. The Bazar sits every day. Different types of things such as rice, dal, vegetables, fish, clothes, oil, sugar, salt, etc are sold here. In a village market, there are two kinds of shops. One is permanent whereas another is temporary.

The shopkeepers sit on rows. There is open space for the customers. There exists a din and bustle here. Bargaining prevails here always.

A village market plays a vital role. It is the source of the economy of the village. The villagers here meet with one another. It is a meeting place for the villagers. It should be clean and free from any sort of theft, violence, etc. We should keep its proper atmosphere always.

A Village Market Paragraph – 02

Generally, we can call the village market as a place where village people come together to buy and sell their daily necessities. Usually, the village markets run from afternoon to night. Villagers work in their fields from morning till noon, so these markets are held in the afternoon.

People from nearby villages also visit this market. On the market, there are only a few permanent shops. But we find a good number of temporary shops in the market. Most of the shopkeepers pile their things on the ground. Grain, vegetables, fish, coarse cloth, stationery, utensils, sweets, and agricultural implements are sold there.

There is a lot of noise in the village market. It is difficult to settle the price of a thing because of bargaining. A person who visits the market for the first time may be easily swindled. Even though the market is full of chaos, noise, and dust. It is very useful to villagers, as it provides them a place to socialize.

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