A Street Beggar Paragraph for Class 6 to 10

Street Beggar

Here is ‘A Street Beggar Paragraph for Class 6 to 10’. Students can achieve a mark on their exam papers by writing this.

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A Street Beggar Paragraph – 01

A street beggar is a person who begs on the streets or in a marketplace. There are many kinds of beggars in our country: street beggar is a type of them. Street beggars can be found both in villages and in cities. The number of them in villages is lower than in cities.

The presence of street beggars causes a lot of problems for citizens. The presence of street beggars causes a lot of problems for citizens. A beggar stretching out his hands before a gentleman or lady may cause them to feel embarrassed. Someone says “Excuse me”.

Many beggars are very cunning. They persuade a passer-by till he gives alms. Sometimes a beggar steals valuable things from a shop or a house. Many female beggars take part in unsocial activities.

A street beggar wears shabby cloth. She/he is very unclean. An unpleasant smell emanates from a beggar’s clothes. In some places, a street beggar begs with wounds. The government should take steps to rehabilitate the beggars. Putting beggars to work is the best thing we can do for them.

A Street Beggar Paragraph – 02

A street beggar is a poor person who begs for money. Street beggars are very common in our society. A street beggar is generally seen on the roads, bus stands, train stations, and several public places. He is also found in the streets.

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He goes from man to man and begs for money. He has a bowl with him. A street beggar wears dirty clothes. His dress is very poor. He draws people’s attention by shouting or singing in different manners. Every beggar has their own way to impress people.

A street beggar passes all day begging. He begs from dawn to evening to earn his livelihood. He leads a very miserable and poor life.

Some street beggars use begging as a profession. They do not do any job or work. They are healthy and beg for money. These kinds of people should be punished. But we should be kind and sympathetic to needy people.

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