A Fisherman Paragraph for Class 9 to 12

A fisherman is catching fish

If you’re searching for a fisherman paragraph, then you’ve come to the right place. Here we’ve shared 2 paragraphs that are suitable for classes 9 to 12.

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A Fisherman Paragraph 180 Words

A fisherman is a person who catches fish for a living. He is a common figure to us. He works hard for his livelihood. His work starts as soon as the day begins. He continues his fishing even up to the night.

He catches fish with nets. Sometimes he borrows others’ nets to catch fish. He goes to canals, rivers, and deep seas to fish. His mind becomes happy when he catches huge fish. Sometimes he works in inclement weather. He has a radio to listen to the weather forecast. After fishing, he comes back to the bank and sells his fish.

Sometimes, he gets sufficient money but sometimes he fails to get that. He is exploited by others. A fisherman provides fish for us through his fishing. These fishes are exported and foreign money is obtained. Thus a fisherman helps to boost up the economy.

But the life of a fisherman is not of peace. Sometimes he fails to go fishing. At that time, he along with his family members has to starve. We should work on the improvement of his lot.

A Fisherman Paragraph 200 Words

People who catch and sell fish to earn their livelihoods, we called them fishermen. Generally, a fisherman lives along rivers, large canals, swamps, and seas for his occupational convenience.

He lives with his family. He works hard all day and all night. Many times he has to go down to the cold water to fish on winter nights.

Apart from catching and selling fish, a fisherman is busy taking care of his fish boats, painting, making and repairing fishing nets, etc. Most of his time is spent fishing in rivers and oceans.

Occasionally, he goes fishing in the deep sea and his family worries about his safety. He faces dangers. He has no radio set and motorboats. He can not listen to the weather warning. This makes it impossible for him to return to shore in a safe manner. A fisherman leads a very poor life. He has hardly nets and boats of this own.

He is not given loans on easy terms. His joys know no bounds when he catches a lot of fish. We receive fish from a fisherman as a form of assistance. So he plays an important role like a farmer. In that case, we should assist him in leading a better life.

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A Fisherman Paragraph 270 Words

Those who catch and sell fish make their living as fishermen. Fishermen catch fish in rivers, lakes, canals, ponds, haors, beels, and other watery places. Sometimes he catches fish in the deep sea. Then his life is at risk. The fisherman sometimes catches fish from people’s ponds and ditches. His share of the fish is then given to him.

Besides catching fish, fishermen make and repair the nets and other tools they use to catch fish. He sometimes receives assistance from his family members. A Fisherman’s condition does not improve regardless of the weather, even though he works hard in good weather and bad weather. Fishing in big rivers is not financially feasible for most fishermen due to the cost of boats and nets. So they hire boats and nets. So they have little money left after paying the rent.

Fishermen must carry a mobile or radio set with them when fishing in large rivers and seas so that they can know the weather forecast. The majority of fishermen, however, are unable to afford to keep these modern things. As a result, these fishermen sometimes lose their lives while catching fish away from the shore.

Fishermen who work alone have a difficult time improving their condition. For this, he can form a cooperative society. Moreover, they might be able to get loans from the government in order to buy nets and boats. The contribution of a fisherman to the country’s economy is undeniable. They help us meet our fish needs. Moreover, our country earns a huge amount of foreign exchange by exporting fish.

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