My Aim in Life Essay in English for Class 8, 9, 10 and 12

My Aim in Life Essay

Here is my aim in life essay in English for classes 8, 9, 10, and 12. Students can good marks by writing this on their exam papers.

My Aim in Life Essay in English for Class 8 and 9


Choosing the right profession can be a challenging task that requires careful consideration of various factors. Making a wrong choice can negatively impact one’s career and personal life.

How to Choose the Right Profession

Selecting the right profession requires a careful analysis of one’s interests, aptitude, and guidance from experienced people. Consulting with elders and experts can help in making an informed decision.

My Choice

As a result of weighing all options, I decided to become a doctor. My main motivation came to me from the noble example set before me by my father.

Reasons for my choice

In my hometown, my father is a well-known doctor. With a heart of gold, he is filled with human kindness. As a doctor, he dedicates himself to his profession. I am inspired by him.

Moreover, thousands of people in our country are deprived of advanced medical care, especially poor people. This is one of the main reasons for choosing this profession. I want to stand by these poor people.

How to Prepare

The footsteps of my father are what I aspire to follow. I am a briliant student. I’m particularly strong in science subjects. Biology is my favourite subject. The medical field is naturally appealing to me.

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So, I have decided to become a doctor. My parents can easily afford my education fees since we belong to a fairly well-off family.

How I Serve

My main goal is to serve humanity. There is so much misery in our country. I want to mitigate it to whatever extent I can.

In order to avoid charging heavy fees to patients, I have decided to keep the fees as low as possible. I’ll treat poor patients without charging any fees.


Without a goal, life would be like sailing without a sailor. We should all set a goal in life. We should choose a profession that brings welfare to people.

However, parents should consider the child’s opinion in setting goals. Nothing should be forced upon them.

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My Aim in Life Essay in English for Class 10 and 12


Man is the best creation of Allah. He is endowed with reasonable faculties and intellects. He has to make his life significant and successful.

He has to select the right path to get success in life. So everyone should be careful in selecting his profession at an early stage of life.

Importance of selecting a profession

The importance of selection of a profession is highly essential for a man. The right choice or profession leads one to success, happiness, and peace. A choiceless man is like a boat without a rudder.

He can not succeed in life. To reach the destination of success, we have to select our choice on the right basis. A fixed choice helps a man to shine in life.

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Different professions

Choices differ from person to person. Different men have different aims in life. Some want to be doctors, some to be engineers, some want to be businessmen while some others want to be politicians, and so on.

Among various choices, one feels difficulties in selecting the right one. In these cases parents, teachers, and others can help a man to select his own.

My choice

I am the only son of my parents. They have high ambitions concerning me. My father wants me to be a doctor while my mother wishes me to be a teacher. Among these two, I have valued my mother’s choice.

I have decided wholeheartedly to become a teacher in life. I have a strong attraction to this profession. I think I will be highly pleased if I can become a good teacher in my life.

Reasons for my choice

I want to do noble work for my motherland. Our country is very poor. Most of our people are illiterate. Only 62.3% of our population is literate. An illiterate man is no better than a beast.

Illiteracy is the cause of our backwardness. So, removing this illiteracy is a crying need nowadays. I have decided to take the task of removing illiteracy.

A teacher can organize young men and enable them to be literate. He can flourish the hidden talent of the students. He can help them to be good citizens. Considering these, I have put importance on the profession of teaching.


I am an SSC. examinee now. After passing my SSC, I will get myself admitted into a college. There I will pass my HSC and B.A.

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After that, I will complete my B. Ed and M.Ed course. To reach my goal, I need hard labor and perseverance. I am ready for this.


After obtaining all these degrees, I will sit for the teacher selection exam. After this, I will join a secondary school as a teacher. I will choose the rural area.

I will devote myself to teaching people. I will guide my students on the path of truth. I will not neglect my duties. I will sincerely teach the students.

I will give them cordial lectures and take weekly exams. I will also teach my students about the path of religiosity and good citizenship.

I have also decided that I will never rebuke or punish any students. If any student fails to understand any point, I will clear them easily until he understands it.


A suitable profession is like a torch to go ahead for a man. I will work relentlessly on my profession. In fact, I will become a successful man depending on my choice.

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