My Childhood Memories Essay in English for Class 8 to 10

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If you’re searching for a My Childhood Memories Essay in English, then you’ve come to the right place. Here we’ve shared an essay about Childhood Memories that is perfect for class 8 to 10 students.

My Childhood Memories Essay 400 Words


Life is like a river that flows continuously, and past memories create a great impact on us. Childhood memories are the happiest and most desirable ones. Whenever we feel fed up with present situations, we can go back to our childhood days and relive those moments.

My Birth and Parentage:

I was born in a small cottage in a village, and my grandfather named me ‘Kala Badal’ because I was born on a cloudy day. I lived happily in the midst of my parents, brother, sisters, and grandparents. My father was a farmer, and I was the youngest child in the family.

Love and Affection:

Love and affection overflowed in our house, and being the youngest child, I was the apple of everyone’s eye. All family members showered me with effusive love and affection.

My Grandparents:

My childhood days were enjoyable as my grandparents were highly attached to me. I spent my afternoons with them, escorting them to buy betel nuts and daily necessities. My grandmother would tell me funny stories in the evening, and I would listen, keeping my head on her soft lap.

The Riverside:

A small river flowed beside our house, and my brother and I spent time there, bathing and catching fish. We played cricket on the bank and slept in the gentle breeze. During the rainy season, the river was full to the brim, and from a distance, I enjoyed the beauties of nature.

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The Village Playground:

Our village had a playground where various types of sports were held. I played with my fellows and sometimes watched the play of the elders. When it grew dark, my grandmother called me back home, and my mother would sometimes rebuke me for staying out too long, but I found joy in her rebukes.

Tending of Cows:

Tending to cows was another fantastic memory of my childhood. I went with our cow-boy and other boys, playing games while the cows grazed.

The Cultivable Land and Bringing of Date Juice:

My father cultivated lands, and I went with our laborers. If I got tired, they took me on their laps. I also climbed date trees to get pitchers of juice down from the tree.

Reading in the Evening:

I used to read in the evening, and my grandfather taught me how to write. My elder brother also helped me. Sometimes, I fell asleep while reading, and my mother called me to eat supper.


Childhood memories are the most cherished ones. Whenever we feel down or overwhelmed, we can go back to those memories and relive those moments.

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