My Village Essay In English For Class 10 And 12

My Village Essay

Here is my village essay in English for classes 10 and 12. Students will get a good mark by writing this essay on their exam papers.


The term village refers to a settlement with fewer than 5000 inhabitants. Villages are considered rural areas of a country.

Unlike cities, rural areas do not have modern amenities like those found in urban areas. The villagers are primarily farmers. A majority of the nation’s agricultural production comes from them.

Producing crops for the entire nation requires them to make both ends meet. India has approximately 500000 villages spread across the country.

What is the Importance of a Village?

We consider the village to be important in our country due to its primary role in agricultural production.

Bangladesh and India’s economies rely heavily on villages. As well as maintaining the ecological balance of the environment, it plays a significant role in decomposition.

There are usually trees, green grasslands, and plants covering villages. Thousands of acres of green fields can be seen as far as the eye can see. Many animals are housed there.

Life in a Village

It is a happy and contented life in the village because people are not in a hurry like in the city.

Villagers’ lifestyle is very simple. A village is generally located far away from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

In a village, one can experience nature’s beauty because there are trees, flowers, mountains, streams, and farmlands. A breeze of fresh air blows through the village, free of any pollution.

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There are not too many demands from the villagers, but they still lack basic facilities. There are a few basic services that are lacking in these villages, such as clean water, electricity, health centers, and schools.

Despite their poverty, their air is always filled with sadness. Village life is still governed by the Panchayati Raj system, which coordinates all activities. Superstitions are usually common among the villagers.

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My Village

The name of my village is Domdia. It is a big and famous village. It is about three miles long and one and a half miles wide. It is in the district of Gazipur under Kapasia Upazila.

It is about 11 miles away from the Kapasia thana. About 12 thousand people live in the village. They are very simple, honest, and friendly.

They want to live in peace and harmony. They help each other as well as share others’ sorrows and sufferings.

There are a boys’ high school, a girls’ high school, a primary school, three mosques, and a madrasa. These schools provide education for village boys and girls. Children from other villages also come to the school to receive an education.

Additionally, there is a bank and a post office. In the village, there is a marketplace as well. Daily markets and hat markets are held every day and twice a week, respectively. Daily necessities are purchased from the market.

Communication in the village is very easy. The village is connected to the Thana by a wide, good road. People can go to Thana by Bus, autorickshaw, etc. It takes about five minutes to get to the nearest bus stop from our village by a well-maintained road.

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The village is neat and clean. There is a small health center. Villagers get medical care here. There is an M.B.B.S doctor. But there are some quacks as well.

In my village, I am proud of the natural scenery. There is a lot of beauty in the village, including rows of coconut trees, betel nut trees, clumps of bamboo, and fields of green crops.

My village is an ideal village. I love my village very much.


Villages, we can say, are the foundation for economic growth, even though most of the villages in our country are deprived of facilities. There are no good schools, no hospitals, no electricity, and no internet. The worst-case scenario is sanitation. Most of the villagers don’t have a proper toilet.

Moreover, every year many farmers in India commit suicide because they cannot bear the hardships of poverty. It is very important for the government of the country to see all these problems that have been going on in the village for ages.

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