Importance of Exercise Essay for Class 3 to 10

Different types of physical exercise

Here is the importance of exercise essay for classes 3 to 10. Students can achieve a good mark by writing this one on their exam papers.

Importance of Exercise for Students Essay


Regular movement of the limbs of our body is called physical exercise. It keeps a man healthy and free from disease. None can enjoy a happy and healthy life without taking physical exercise.

Types of Exercise

There are many kinds of physical exercises such as walking, running, swimming, etc. Physical activity can be obtained through different kinds of sports such as football, cricket, hockey, etc.

The proper time of exercise

The best time of taking physical exercise is morning and evening. We should not take exercise on empty stomach. It should be taken in the open air.

Importance of Physical Exercise

Physical exercise is very necessary to us. It makes a man strong and active and improves his health. It is said that a sound mind lies in a sound body. If the body is sound, the mind must be sound. It helps to digest our food. So, it is essential to take physical exercise regularly.

The Necessity of Physical Exercise for A Student

A student does hard mental work. He needs a sound mind and a sound body which depend on physical exercise. So, physical exercise is very important to a student.


Health is the root of all happiness. Physical exercise brings this health. It keeps us fit for work. So, we should take physical exercise regularly.

Importance of Exercise Essay for Class 10


Physical exercise means moving our entire body. Without proper physical exercise, we cannot maintain good health. Our body is like an engine that needs proper movement to function properly, or it will become rusty.

Importance of Physical Exercise

Physical exercise is essential for maintaining good health. Moving our limbs and organs helps keep our bodies strong and healthy. It also helps prevent diseases by generating energy and strengthening our body.

Physical exercise helps with blood circulation, digestion, and keeping our skin fresh. It provides energy and refreshment, enabling us to enjoy life. It also teaches us valuable qualities like unity, patience, obedience, punctuality, and discipline. Ultimately, physical exercise is the key to success as it helps us build a sound body.

Various Forms of Exercise

There are many types of physical exercises, such as walking, running, riding, swimming, racing, rowing, and gymnastics. Outdoor games like football, cricket, ha-du-du, hockey, tennis, dariabandha, and gollachut are also excellent forms of physical exercise.

Suitability of Exercise

Physical exercise is essential, but it should be chosen based on age, preference, energy, and capability. Not everyone can perform every type of exercise, so it is crucial to select the right one. For example, weaker individuals should engage in milder forms of exercise like walking.

Young people can participate in more demanding exercises like football, cricket, and gymnastics. Those who work hard for their livelihoods may not need additional exercise. The exercise routine should be based on preference and energy level and should continue until we sweat.

Neglect of Physical Exercise

Neglecting physical exercise has significant consequences, including poor health, lack of fitness, gloominess, being overweight, and becoming susceptible to various diseases.

We will lose our stamina, energy, and potential if we do not take care of our physical health. Neglecting physical exercise can make life a burden, and we will miss out on happiness.

Effect of Over-Exercise

It is crucial to be mindful of the time and duration of physical exercise. We must exercise within our capacity, as over-exercising can be harmful.

Some people do not exercise at all and then engage in long and excessive exercise, which can harm their bodies. We should exercise regularly and at the right time and duration to avoid over-exercising, which can make us weak and tired.


Health is wealth, and every happiness in life depends on it. Regular physical exercise helps preserve our health and provides joy and cheerfulness.

It also strengthens our brains. Therefore, we should be careful to engage in physical exercise regularly.

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