My Favourite Teacher Essay in English For Class 9 to 12

My Favourite Teacher Essay

Here is my favourite teacher essay in English for classes 9 to 12. You can achieve a good mark by writing this essay on your exam paper.

My Favourite Teacher Essay – 01


Teachers are important to our lives as they are responsible for the development of students. It is teachers who lay the foundation of basic knowledge for students, both in their subjects and in their personal lives.

Throughout our lives, our education plays a critical role when it comes to making important decisions and carrying out other tasks.

Your comfort level with your particular teacher can very much influence your school journey, as it can make it easier for you to move through your academic years.

You can also get guidance from a good teacher throughout your whole life, even beyond your academic career.

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Who is Your Favourite Teacher and Why?

Mr Hassan is my favourite teacher. He is our Physics teacher. He has completed his MSc in Physics from the University of Dhaka.

He has left a permanent impression on my mind through his conquering qualities of love and affection, convincing power, high personality, and admirable teaching method. He is our friend, philosopher, and guide.

He not only observes dutifulness and strictness but also combines in him a number of other qualities. A scholar, a teacher with a passion for teaching, he is a master at creating interest in his subject.

He has an inherent desire to see his students truly educated and bettered in character. The rules of study and conduct are strictly enforced by him without fear of backlash or favour.

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For all this, he is disliked at first by some students but before long they change their opinion about him and make themselves diligent, attentive, and regular in doing the task assigned to him.

Qualities of My Favorite Teacher

Mr. Hassan has many virtues of an ideal man with a high sense of humanity. Therefore, he has won the love and admiration of all right-thinking boys.

He and his students and bound much by the ties of the same relation as between a father and his sons. He not only teaches but also tends to them.

That is to say, he is a tutor, a father, and a friend to his students. He takes loving care of his students in all matters of importance.

Among other things, he provides educational guidance, aids them in distress, gives them his edifying association, and keeps them on the right path at all times. If a boy is backward in this class, he is sure to get help from Mr. Hassan.

If any poor boy cannot buy a book, he will no doubt get a book from Mr. Hassan. Many nights he spends by the sickbed of ailing students living in the hostel.

He checks and reforms a student who may fall into evil company. Such is his love and kindness to students.

Whenever possible, he lends money to a needy boy. But he dislikes people talking about his charities.

Every day he teaches us in a new style. His teaching style increases the curiosity of his students.


Mr. Hassan is a born teacher and affectionate friend. Whether we’re in the classroom or outside, he enjoys working with us. Whenever we need help, he’s always available.

I consider him both a great teacher and a good person. Everyone loves him because he has all the qualities of a favourite teacher.

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Being his student has been a great pleasure, and I will follow his principles throughout my life. His influence on my life will remain even after I leave this school, and I will never forget him.

In the future, I will try to be a better person like him based on what he taught me by example.

My Favourite Teacher Essay – 02


Teachers are the nation builders. They give lessons to young learners. They leave a great impression on the students. Their outstanding sincerity and devotion are owed to all students. The teachers that students come in contact with during their education remain in their minds forever.

My Favourite Teacher

There have been many teachers in my student life. All of them are dear to me. Among them, I am highly attached to Md. Mujibur Rahman.

He impresses me very much. His character, personality, and behavior have always fascinated me. He is our Bengali teacher. I like him the most.

Why I Like Him

I am highly fond of my favourite teacher. He has cultivated some ideals within me. My life has been successfully led to perfection by him.

For his ardent teaching and amiable manner, I am extremely grateful to him. I also consider him my favorite teacher because of his high sense of responsibility and character.

Characteristics of My Favourite Teacher

Md. Mujibur Rahman has some sterling characteristics. Because of these, he is respected by all. Everybody can not but praise him. Talent, merit, and personality make him worthy of our love.

In order to better the lives of his students, he sacrifices his life. He takes teaching from his heart.

His Qualification

My favourite teacher has a good academic background. He is B.A. (Hons) M.A. His career is very rich. He got star marks in both SSC and HSC.

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He took training from our national institution. He also joined different workshops and seminars. He has some publications also.

His Teaching Method

My favourite teacher’s teaching method is really excellent. He is very helpful to the students. He teaches the students easily. He is a studious man. Before taking the classes, he takes strong preparation.

His voice is distinct. His body language is up to the mark. He makes all the lessons enjoyable for us. In the event that a student does not understand something, he does not lose heart. Nor does he feel disturbed. To ensure that the students understand, he does his best.

His Character

A strong character is what I admire most about my favorite teacher. He is very polite, gentle, amiable, and just. He is virtuous. He says his prayer regularly. He speaks the truth. He does not indulge in any bad activities.

He is endowed with principles. He carries out his duties without any lapses. He has a smooth code of conduct. He behaves well with us.

My visits to him for special purposes are always treated cordially by him. Neither does he reject me nor become rude to me. I am highly pleased with his polite behavior.

His Dutifulness

My favourite teacher has a strong sense of dutifulness. He attends classes on time. He is never late. He never neglects his classes. He is punctual and dutiful.

He always sticks to his responsibilities. He never leaves the college keeping his classes unfinished.

Love for the Students

All of his students are dear to him and he loves them deeply. Students also love him from the bottom of their hearts in return. He feels filial affection for us.

This love is hearty and pure. Sometimes he buys poor students’ books out of love. The love he has for the students is unfailing. As long as I live, I will remember the love and affection I get from him.


Md. Mujibur Rahman is a successful teacher. He is really my favourite teacher. He is highly beneficial to me and other students as well. He is embellished with all the moral principles. He is my role model. I always try to follow him.

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