Global Warming Paragraph for Class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, SSC, and HSC

Global Warming Paragraph

Here is the Global Warming paragraph for classes 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, SSC, and HSC. Whether you’re a primary or high school student, these paragraphs will help you to achieve a good mark on your exam.

Global Warming Paragraph 120 Words

Warming of the planet earth is referred to as global warming. The world’s temperatures are increasing rapidly. Carbon dioxide is responsible for it. The world is producing a great amount of carbon dioxide.

Climatologists believe that the greenhouse effect is the main cause of global warming. The earth is being hearted because of hot air. This warming is caused by deforestation, mills and factories, jams, chlorofluorocarbons, and by traffic clogs.

However, burning fossils and forests produces carbon dioxide seriously. It is a great threat to our environment. If it is continued, the lower part of our country may go underwater.

We should take proper steps to reduce global warming. Global warming must be controlled to save mankind, animals, and plants.

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Global Warming Paragraph 150 Words

The term global warming refers to the increase in the earth’s temperature. The world temperature is growing at an alarming rate day after day.

The growth of industry, the use of Choro Fluoro Carbons (CFCs) in packaging and manufacturing commercial products, the use of detergents such as washing powder and liquid, etc. accelerate the growth of the temperature on earth.

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Again the cutting and burning down of tropical rainforests, the destruction of trees, etc. add to the temperature. Not only that, the traffics that plies on streets and their use of petrol and diesel also help to create global warming.

It has disastrous effects. Humanity’s ability to grow food will be catastrophically reduced, and wildlife and wilderness will be severely damaged or destroyed. This global warming will raise sea levels and flood coastal areas and farmland.

This global warming assumes a great threat to us. We have to become very careful. We have to create consciousness against deforestation and gases. Otherwise, our existence will be imperiled.

Global Warming Paragraph 200 Words

Global warming is the result of climate change which is caused by the gradual increase in temperature in the world. It has become a current issue and is being discussed worldwide which is creating great havoc for us.

There are many causes of global warming. Deforestation at random is the main cause of global warming. An increasing number of human settlements and rapid industrialization create global warming seriously.

The impact of global warming bigger description. It has become very difficult to endure the excessive amount of heat during the summer season. Floods and droughts have become common affairs throughout the world.

The sufferings of the people are over on the increase. It has a great impact on agriculture. The crops are not grown properly. If global warming keeps on increasing, the polar ice will be melted and the sea level will rise. Some coastal areas of the world will go underwater will also affect human health and psychology as well. People are being mentally disturbed by it.

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Therefore, we should be conscious of the impact of global warming and the concerned people should take the necessary steps to control climate change for a better world and comfortable living for living beings.

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