A Railway Station Paragraph for Class 8 to 12

A girl is waiting for a train in a railway station

Here is a railway station paragraph for classes 8 to 12. If you’re a high school student, then these paragraphs are perfect for you.

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A Railway Station Paragraph 150 Words

A railway station is a very important place where trains come and leave. The station has a big building that has different rooms for different things. There’s a room for the station master, a place where people buy their tickets, and waiting rooms for people to wait for their trains.

The station also has a big open area outside. There are also places to buy books, papers, and drinks. When a train comes, it gets really busy and noisy. People rush to get on the train and vendors yell to get people to buy their things.

The station also has a speaker system to announce when the train is coming and leaving, and there’s a flagman who signals when the train is arriving and leaving. Although it can be noisy and busy, the railway station plays a very important role in helping people and goods travel all over the country.

A Railway Station Paragraph 200 Words

Railway stations are an integral part of a country’s train communication system. It is a place for trains to stop and start. There is a platform where passengers can board the train. Long lines of passengers are found waiting to buy tickets.

In a railway station, there are a station master’s office, a booking office, a ticket counter, and waiting rooms for passengers. Major railway stations have flyovers for passenger crossing.

A railway station also has restaurants, bookstalls, and stationery shops. It is a very busy and crowded place. The whistle of the train, the rattling sound of the engines, and the busy movements of the hawkers and the porters all make the station a place of great din and bustle.

Many railway stations in our country have become dens of criminals. Beggars, pickpockets, and vagrants—those who have no fixed abode—are frequently seen at railway stations. Various anti-social activities such as drug dealing and prostitution are seen in those places. Moreover, shops and restaurants at railway stations sell products at higher prices than usual.

For the general public, railway stations are extremely important and essential. So the administration should take strict action to stop these anarchies from the railway station.

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